Day Two: The Ups and the Downs.

Photo by Loveluck

Day Two got off to a good start with Mike bringing me a cup of tea in bed while I read some more of “In the Night Wood”. Then I got up. And there was news, and more news and instead of doing the sensible thing and switching it off and going back to my book, I kind of got hooked into it.

Not a good thing to do.

All this ever changing information and speculation does nothing for the feeling of creeping doom that lurks ready to paralyse me into a state of complete inaction. So it wasn’t until about three o’clock that I finally managed to sit down and start the second draft of “The Hanging Tree.” This is the fourth of the Adventures of Letty Parker and once back in her world of an alternative Victorian England, I began to feel much more positive about the whole of this self-isolating stuff.

In face my attitude was beginning to change from that of a kid who comes home from their first day at school and when asked how they liked it, says it was okay but they don’t think they’ll bother going tomorrow, to one of planning what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Then a friend rang and another texted and suddenly things felt even better.

Keep safe everyone.



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