One Woman in her Life Plays Many Parts

Desk 2

“One man in his life plays many parts.” Swop that for woman/her and it sums up the last week perfectly.

Spending five days in Bristol, I’ve taken on the role of granny, mother, and daughter. On Wednesday, Maddy and I went to see the SS Great Britain, which has been one of our favourite things so do since she was little.SS Great Britain In those days it was a quick visit, the highlights being the girl who is being sick and the dressing up box. The dressing up is still important but now she is older we can take time looking at the exhibits, reading about the history of the ship from her maiden voyage to her final journey home. Abandoned in the Falkland Islands money was raised to bring the rotting hulk back to the city where she was built. In the decades that followed SS Great Britain was restored to much of her former glory and gives a fascinating glimpse of life on board.

After a workshop making a mouse mask, followed by discovering all the rats on the rat trail, we had a long and leisurely lunch before battling our way home through the wind and rain.

Later on that day I went to fetch Ollie from pre-school, then spent the evening with Lucy and Jay. There was time to do the mother and daughter thing and then to reverse roles, I went to stay with my mum for a night.

Baba, Granny and Mum2
Mother, daughter and granddaughter


I might have children and grand-children of my own, but Mum still worries whether I’ve had enough to eat and makes me a cup of tea when I wake up.


Although I did bring my laptop and phone with me, apart from on the train, there was no time to do any work. Writing, marketing, all the author stuff was put on hold.

Coming home it’s never easy to slip straight back into writer mode. It’s as if I have to go through a period of adjustment, a day of not doing very much, before I can get back into the groove…or is it the role?

I’m not a different person, it’s just that my priorities change.

cover version 16This week the focus is on “Belvedere Crescent”.  Friday is launch day, but the book is already available on pre-order and in digital forms.

The novel has been a long time in the writing, but it’s a story I’ve wanted to tell since I first saw that row of gloomy shuttered houses, in a shadowy Bristol street…





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