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I feel the same way about books for research. Google definitely has its limitations.

Jan Edwards

I get ribbed by my other half for my obsession for niche research books, and yes I suspect I am rather old fashioned in my need for ink and paper reference sources, but today it paid off.

Google (other search engines are available) is great for the average writerly needs. Especially now that so many libraries have reduced hours. And  lets face it even in their heyday not many were open at 3.30pm on a Sunday.

The ability to type in set words and have a plethora of facts (some more reliable than other it has to be pointed out) is a boon. Writing historical fiction as I do having that tool at my fingertips saves hours of hair-tearing.

A few weeks ago it was breeds of dog.  Today it was trains.

Looking into railway lines for the 4th Bunch Courtney Investigation I was drawing blanks on google. Yes I…

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