Looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020 : Jan Edwards #newyear #writing #amwriting

Jan Edwards

It’s that time of year when the vast majority of us take a moment to reflect on the past year.  2019 has been an odd one that, in many respects, has whooshed past me without my even realising its passing. We missed Fantasycon this year – the first I have missed since 1990 and the first Peter had forgone since 1973! I suspect it was the absence of this landmark in our year that made it seem a little strange – because when I actually sit down and think about it there were things going on quite steadily throughout  the year.

April 2019 saw the launch of In Her Defence : Bunch Courtney Investigation #2.  (follow up to Winter Downs: Bunch Courtney Investigation #1 – both are available in paper and digi formats from most reputable sources! *hint* – *hint*). I held the launch at City Central Library in…

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