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Jan Edwards

Two things  this morning have caught my attention. One is a revision by University if Leeds of a 1950s  survey on regional accents. (read here) 

The vanishing of dialect vocabs is something that has gathered pace since the 1950s when this survey was originally carried out. Growing up in Sussex in later 1950s I heard a lot of older people speaking in that slow Sussex dialect (and accent) and still use some of those words even now. Twitten for example – meaning a narrow (alley or outdoor passageway).

I used a great many of those old words in Sussex Tales and was exhorted by beta readers to include a brief glossary of terms. When you visit Sussex now the accent has all but vanished and almost all of the dialect words went the way of the dodo in the last half of the 20th century.

There was also a piece on…

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