Granny Hopcraft’s Christmas Cake #recipes #christmas #cakes

This has spurred me to make my Christmas Cake this week.

Jan Edwards

Yes that time of year is here again when I make the Christmas Cake from a recipe handed down from my Gr Grandmother.
This is a very rich cake – but then Granny Hopcraft was a farmer’s wife in Deddington, Oxon in the late 1800s so the Mrs Beaton style of ‘take nine eggs’ was the way it was done! Having nobody left to pass this recipe on to – feel free to share it around for personal use! (Commercial use give me a shout 🙂 ) Before I start a few notes for modern tastes:

  • FlourPlain or wholemeal is acceptable. I use spelt. GF flour also works well – just remember to add 1.5tsps of Xantham gum and a little more milk (or brandy) in the raw mix.
    Butter – you can use vegetarian options.  IMHO they tend not to have quite the same texture and taste…

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