Bridge of Lies : Adventures of Letty Parker 2 by Misha Herwin #newbooks #childrensbooks

Thanks Jan for hosting me on your blog .

Jan Edwards

Out this week – Bridge of Lies : Adventures of Letty Parker 2

This is the latest book from the prolific pen (keyboard) of Misha Herwin.

This adventure series is set in a time and place similar to Victorian Bristol, except that this is a magical world where Gargoyles and dragons stalk the rooftops, a bear runs the organised criminal underworld, and where our eponymous heroine, 12 year old Letty Parker, had just launched her very own detective agency. Her first case is the mystery of surrounding the explosion at Brunel’s half-constructed bridge across the Severn Gorge and she is soon plunged into a headlong race to save Bristol once more from the machinations of the Old Ones!


I asked Misha to talk about allowing children to grow with their favourite characters and here is what she had to say:

“Bridge of Lies” is the second book in the…

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