Leftover Yummies #cooking #sweets

Great idea.

Jan Edwards

20181222_141429So what do you do with a large chunk of ready-roll icing after you’ve covered the cake?

It always seems such a terrible waste to throw it in the bin – even if it is essentially 100% sugar, which we are all being told to cut down on.

I added a drop of peppermint oil, shape it into small rounds and coated them in chocolate – and voila!  Home made peppermint creams!

The chocolate is Co-op fairtrade dark chocolate and cost £1. The icing was the left overs from a pack of Dr Oetkers ready-roll fondant icing.  Technically free as it would otherwise have been binned, but possibly 50p worth –  £1.50 for 20 large hand-made mint chocs.

You can adapt this with any flavouring essence (strawberry or orange). Or perhaps add chopped nuts or chopped candied fruits, and make a whole box of yummy homemade chocs. An ideal gift or…

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