13th Day – for the Winter Solstice #solstice #fiction

A winter story for the shortest night of the year.

Jan Edwards

The King sent his Lady on the Thirteenth dayImage result for The King sent his Lady on the Thirteenth day Three stalks of corn
Three stalks of corn.
Two maids a-merry dancing.
Three hinds a-merry dancing
An Arabian baboon.
Three swans a-merry swimming
Three ducks a-merry laying.
A bull that was brown.
Three gold spinks[1]
Three starlings
A goose that was grey.
Three plovers
Two partridges, and a papaingo-aye[2].
Who learns my carol and carries it away.

(trad. Old Scottish carol to tune 12 Days of Christmas)


A story for the Winter Solstice

Thirteenth Day – Jan Edwards

‘The second day,’ said the Holly-Man. He was rugged. Fragile. A woodsman in a shabby green duster and heavy boots. Behind him stood a boy in an Acorn-hat, waiting in silence.

Kat tweaked a tight smile and went on hacking at the ice-bound soil, hoping they would take a hint and leave. They didn’t.

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