Dragons in my Life

Four small dragons4

My life with Dragons

Ever since I can remember there have been dragons in my life. I don’t know how, I was introduced to these creatures, but there was a time when I was pretty sure that there was a dragon living under my bed. Roostance was the hero of the stories I used to tell my sister, Anuk, at night. He was a small, but not fierce, fiery dragon who belonged to a princess and together they had all sorts of adventures. After a while Anuk was allowed to have her own dragon too, a minor character and much more docile creature called Silverbell.

Other dragons came into other stories and when I was a student there was a brief moment when I contemplated doing an MA on dragons in literature, but life took a different turn and it wasn’t until I wrote the “Dragonfire” books that I returned to the subject.

In the meantime there are dragons in my house and in my garden.Dragons in back bedroom 1

They congregate on the shelves in the back bedroom, sit on my desk, on the shelves in the dining room and one sleeps, nose tucked into tail beside the pond. In my office there is a picture of a red dragon, coloured in and cut out by my granddaughter. There’s one drawn by my son when he was little on the wall. I have a collection of dragon jewellery and friends share posts with me on Facebook and Twitter.

When I was teaching, one of my most successful lessons was when the class wrote their own Dragonology− a description and history of their own beast, a piece of factual writing which covered one of the criteria of the National Curriculum.

There is also a dragon who dances to the Maple Leaf Rag in my play “The Ice Queen.”

All in all it is not surprising that although they don’t play a main part, there are dragons lurking on the roofs of the “City of Secrets”.Dragons and COS2


‘Gabriel stroked the little dragon’s metal scales. “Gargoyles are lazy. It’s well known.”

“Not like dragons.” The creature sat up and looked at Gabriel with its lizard eyes.

“Dragons are different,” he agreed.

“Yesss,” the dragon almost purred with satisfaction. “We’re fierce and we’re brave and we like fire and blood.”’

Which kind of says it all.

On the other hand, there are different sorts of dragons….



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