Not Harry Potter

Book CoverAt the age of twelve, Letty Parker runs her own business, selling pies on the streets of Bristol. A city which is similar to but not quite like, the one that exists today; where dragons and gargoyle congregate on the roofs to chatter and spread gossip about the dark deeds the humans below them are planning.

Since there will be four books, beginning with “City of Secrets” the perfect title for the series is -“The Adventures of Letty Parker.” Which throws up an interesting point. Since Letty is a girl, will mentioning her name make a difference to sales?

Do boys read books where the main character is a girl and if not why not? After all girls read the Harry Potter books.

Now, in my opinion, the most interesting character in those is Hermione. As a muggle she has to find her place in the world of wizards; as a girl she has to come to terms with the fact that she is brighter than the boys and, of course girls are not supposed to be clever. Not only is she outspoken she is also plain.

A heroine so many girls can identify with. A little like the resourceful, intelligent Letty Parker, with her sharp white face and straggly red hair.

Big question though- would the Harry Potter books have been so successful if Hermione had taken her rightful place centre stage? If it had been her story we followed, not Harry’s?

Whatever the answer, Letty stays as the heroine of her adventures, which would never have happened without the help of her friends, Jeb, the leader of the pickpocket gang, Mango his sidekick both of whom have vital roles to play.


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