HOMe-hOUSE 19 – 1891

Tim Diggles

HOMe-hOUSE 19 – 1891

39 Newfield Street first appears in the Census of 1891, so the people who are shown living there are very likely the first people to live in this house. They were Lydia (33) and Thomas Bennett (38), with their three children James, Ellen and Thomas. He was a miner, Lydia wasn’t working at that time as Thomas was just one year old. The two other children were at school. Mining has always been hard and dangerous work; it was physically tough work digging out coal by hand, there was little mechanisation at that time. There were pits all over the area, a big one fairly close by, Clanway Colliery, an area I now walk Oskar and no sign of it anywhere.

The next door neighbours at 37 show how soon childhood ended. Police Constable Richard Paelor (48), his wife Sarah (45) and their six children lived…

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