After the launch is over.


“Shadows on the Grass”, the e-book, was launched the week before last. I hosted a Facebook event and am in the middle of a blog tour. At the same time, I was tweeting to remind people of the free story “The Making of a Revolutionary” that comes with the book and trying to think of other ways in which to effectively market my book.

I was so caught up in the whole process that that I could think of nothing else. How can I get more reviews on Amazon? How many times, is too many to remind friends and family that I have a new book out and would really appreciate it if they would buy and review?

At first it was all very exciting. The adrenaline had kicked in and I was on a roll. The downside of that is the inevitable slump. fainting-woman-340x503This is when I want to run away to that deserted beach, get rid of the laptop and never, ever write another word.

The characters I had lived with for so long have gone out into the world. I have done my best for them and now I want a rest.

This phase won’t last. In fact it is already on its way out. Even now I’m wondering how to give you a subtle nudge in direction of my book. After this post, I’m going to send off a few e-mails, scan my list of contacts….

But if I could be teleported away for just a few hours that would be so good.


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