Shadows On The Grass by @MishaHerwin #LaunchDay #BookReview @penkhullpress

A great review for launch day. Thank you Kerry.

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Happy launch day, Misha Herwin 🙂

Shadows On The Grass

My review…..

Shadows On The Grass is a fascinating read.

Set in the 1960’s, in Bristol, it centres around cousins Marianna and Mimi as well as Hannah, Mimi’s daughter. Born in to the same Polish family, but with very different upbringings, Marianna and Mimi have a love/hate relationship. Marianna had everything Mimi craved; wealth, status and especially the love of her mother. They are close throughout their lives, but there’s an underlying resentment between the two of them and I was keen to find out why.

Mimi is quite distant with Hannah. I really warmed to Hannah and felt quite sorry for her. She craves the love of her mother, never really ever feeling good enough, and it seems a shame that Mimi didn’t learn from her own mothers mistakes and try to be different with her daughters. As the story progresses though we…

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