Count Down…


Ten, nine, eight…only three more days ‘til launch day. On January 11th my novel “Shadows on the Grass” will be launched as an e-book. The past few months have been busy editing, re-editing, blogging, tweeting and sending out newsletters. I’ve been in touch with bloggers and reviewers and am very grateful to all of you who have agreed to host a blog tour, or write a review.

There’s an event scheduled on Facebook for the evening of the 11th but otherwise there is not much left to do. These next few days will be ones of anticipation and not a little nervousness.

Launching a book is like sending a child out into the world. You hope you’ve done everything to prepare them but there is still that underlying thread of concern. Will they be all right? Will they cope? What will they do if things go wrong? And in the case of a novel, will people like it?

Still, like the process of childbirth itself, there comes a moment when there is no going back. You’re committed and that’s it.

Shadows Grass Final Cover

So “Shadows on the Grass” out you go and to quote my favourite Vulcan “Live long and prosper.”


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