I don’t want a lot for Christmas…

What a great list.


The whole point of having money is to be able to buy the things that are most important – things like warmth and food and drink, presents for loved ones (and for marginally liked ones, depending on how you structure your gifting). If you gave me all the money in the world, I’d sponsor a literary prize (the Prize Pratt Award sounds great, right?), run a nationwide not-for-profit library service and buy myself a Degas bronze of a racehorse. (Also possibly a racehorse – I’ve read Dick Francis, I have the credentials.)

But there are some things money can’t buy, because they don’t exist. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to receive these gifts for Christmas…


First-to-Third Flipper
For the author who writes ten chapters of a first-person narrative and then wonders whether it might not be better in third.

Tense Locatorpluperfect
A drop down menu to check what…

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