The Nelken-Line

Wish I’d been there.

Tim Diggles

Yesterday, Sunday, I photographed the rehearsal led by Restoke’s Clare Reynolds at B.Arts in Stoke; and then the filming at Goldendale Park in Tunstall the site of Golden by Wolfgang Buttress. This was a contribution to The Nelken-Line which the very talented Emily Andrews had set up, with lots of people from North Staffordshire. The Nelken-Line is a set of dance movements which Pina Bausch devised, it enables many non-dancers to participate and The Pina Bausch Foundation has asked people all over the world to make their own film version of it, there is an amazing film about her work by Wim Wenders which features it. So here are a few of many photographs I took which I hope show the community spirit and joy there was making the film. The award-winning Junction 15 Productions did the filming. Everyone was participating and working on this in their own time, which…

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