Is this Chance or Synchronicity?

Birdcage Walk.

#Friday’s Favourites was a blog about “Birdcage Walk” by Helen Dunmore. It is a book, I’d wanted to read since it was published, because the book is set in Bristol, the city that has inspired so much of my work and the title refers to a place, I know well.

That, has proved not to be the only connection.

Needing to find something on the bookshelves in my office, I embarked on a wholescale re-vamp. I decided that my books and any anthologies, or magazines that have my stories in, I would put on the same shelf. It was interesting to see how much there was and to come across one or two pieces that I had forgotten about.

HensYears ago, in the 90’s I had some stories published in a magazine called “Hens”. It was set up by Harriet Kline, a friend of my daughter Posy Miller’s from university, to promote writing by women.

Looking through edition 5, I found, not only my story “Bubbles”, but also an interview by Helen Dunmore under the title “Published Women”.

A claim to fame? A salutary tale? Or one to be encouraged by, as we were all writers somewhere in the middle of our careers?

Who knows?

It just seems strange to discover, at the same time as I am reading her last novel, yet another link to this brilliant writer.


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