Palmerston on Paddington: Guest Blog


Palmerston and Paddington 4

As a highly respected representative of the ursine community I feel it is my place to say something about a certain bear from Peru, now that his master is no longer with us.

IMHO any bear who wears wellingtons, a duffel coat and hat is not what I’d call a real bear. Real bears, like me, don’t bother with clothes ‘cos we have been endowed by nature with thick furry pelts of great beauty and magnificence.

I suppose lesser species from places like South America might not be so lucky and it appears, for reasons that are beyond me, that in the case of Paddington his clothes made him very endearing to certain humans.

They like it that he’s gentle and kind and treats everyone he comes across politely, while I   think bears should be fierce and angry and look out for no one but themselves.

In fact people are so taken with this bear that Mr. Micheal Bond, who transcribed Paddington’s adventures sold hundreds and thousands and millions of copies, making him, what I believe is called, a best-selling writer.

Now, whether or not I approve of such un-bearlike activities like arriving at Paddington Station with a label around your neck, or eating marmalade sandwiches, it has to be said that Paddington bear has done us bears a great deal of good. He’s kept us well and truly in the public eye, where we, by our very nature, belong.

As well as the books and the TV series, he’s made a couple of films. The new one will be out soon and I can’t say that I’ll be able to bring myself to watch it, even though I know my people can’t wait for it to come out.


Palmerston Bear.

(As a long time fan of Paddington Bear, I wish to say that all views expressed in this guest blog are the author’s own. MH.)




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