Maddy’s Castle


Pride of place in our dining room is this edifice constructed by my granddaughter, with help from one of her other grannies. My grandchildren have eight grandparents, but more of that on another blog.

The castle has been there for quite a while now, but I am strangely reluctant to relegate it to the recycling bin. I love it because Maddy gave it to me and I when I was young I wanted a toy castle and soldiers. Those, however, were not considered toys for girls and, in any case, there was no way my parents could have afforded anything so expensive.

So my sister and I made our own. We drew and cut out cardboard battlements, plus towers and a keep, then I, being the eldest and at that time marginally better at drawing than Anuk, who went on be a professional artist, but more of that in another blog, drew the king and the queen, the knights and the princes and princesses. Younger sister was allowed free rein on the foot soldiers.

Once we had our characters, the stories could begin. Out of very little we had constructed a world with its own hierarchy, its own history, which kept us occupied for hours and which still exists somewhere deep in one of my mum’s cupboards. Next time I go down to Bristol, I’m going to find them and who knows what these figures will inspire.
In the meantime, now that Maddy’s castle has been photographed, maybe, just maybe it will find its way into the blue bin.


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