My Writing Day


The day begins with meditation, followed by core muscle strengthening exercises. Next, I have a shower, a cup of tea and breakfast, which is usually a bowl of fruit and yoghurt. Mango is our current favourite and since I’m useless at de-stoning a mango, that is Mike’s job. I’m delegated to chopping the banana and scattering the berries.

We have coffee and a chat over breakfast and then I go up to my office, where I check my emails, then write for the rest of the morning. After lunch, I go for a walk, camera and notebook at the ready and come back to edit and jot down ideas for the next day’s writing.

Sounds good? Of course it does. Apart from breakfast most of what I’ve written is how I would ideally like to go about a writing day, rather than how I actually do it.

In real life, I do the washing, I look at FB, I clean the house, a bit, or more, depending on whether we are having guests, garden, if the weather is good and do a host of other stuff that has nothing to do with the current WIP.

What I probably need is to stick to a routine, but routine stifles creativity. It’s what happens in the rest of my life that sparks off ideas, the conversations with friends that  especially those that also write, or those snippets overheard on the bus, or the way the light falls on the grass, or a single shoe lying at the side of the road. The list is endless.

Sometimes, it’s not even an object or an event, but letting my mind wander as I walk back from the shops, or a meeting.

When I worked full time, any time to write was precious. Now I have the whole day it’s much easier not to sit down and get on with the work and although I don’t stick to a rigid routine, what I do find essential is carving out at least an hour day to write.  Without it I get irritable, the book, or story I’m working on loses momentum and picking it up again takes much more effort.





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