Strutting Your Stuff

Every writer has to do it. If we want to reach our potential readers we have to get out there and strut our stuff. The picture above was taken on the steps of Kings Weston House, the inspiration for “House of Shadows” my time slip novel. As well as spreading the word I also had copies on sale in the cafe at Kingsweston and read excerpts at various gigs. 

There was a mini-launch for friends at my house and a reading at the Market Drayton Arts’ festival among other events.

I have to admit to enjoying all those occasions, because I love to strut my stuff. Give me half a chance and I’ll be out there, reading from my novels, leading workshops, or being on a panel.

In that respect, I’m lucky. Many writers would rather consume their toenails than perform in front of an audience.

That, however, in today’s media driven climate is not an option. Not if you want to sell books.

For those people who find it hard to sell themselves in this very public way, I’d suggest starting small. A reading at the local library would be a good way in.

Which leads me neatly to 6×6. Six writers reading for six minutes, four times a year. Hosted by Hanley Library in Stoke-on-Trent and inspired by a similar event in Birmingham, it showcases your work to a receptive and supportive audience.

Want to know more? Visit our FB page.


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