Hot Air

Hot Air

On Saturday I was part of a forum at the Hot Air Literary Festival. Held at the Emma Bridgewater Factory in Hanley this is the third year of the festival and in my opinion the best yet.

I would say that, I suppose, because I had such a good time. The discussion panel consisted of three of us, Laura Williams, a literary agent with PFD, Caroline Lea a writer and me. Caroline has been published by a traditional publisher, while I represented the world of the Indie publisher.

The discussion was hosted by Stewart Collins and a better co-ordinator could not be found. He made sure that we all had a chance to speak,  no one dominated the conversation and orchestrated questions from the audience.

It was great that the event was sold out and that people had so much they wanted to ask.  Hopefully we managed to answer their questions and inspire them to continue along the treacherous and stony path to publication.

The day was warm, the sun shone, the coffee in the green room was good and the people I met interesting. And as a momento I was given my own unique piece of pottery. Magic!




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