My New Card

Business Card2

What a difference such a seemingly small thing makes. I had been ploughing through that mire of despond, which is familiar territory for many writers, namely I felt a total failure, thought my work was rubbish and I might as well give up and devote myself to my garden.

I had, however, resolved to have some new cards done; my old ones were way out of date and there had been one or two occasions when it would have been good to have a card to give out.

The design had taken me a very long time. Years, in fact, and in this case I’m not exaggerating. I wanted a card which represented me and what I did, but I couldn’t find the right image. A couple of weeks ago it occurred to me that if I am a writer then a picture of books would work, and if I was going to use books, then why not use my own.

I took a number of photographs, chose the best, set out the text and went off to Staples.

Their computer couldn’t cope with my USB! Disaster? Not at all. The ever resourceful Shannon suggested I email her art work, I specially liked that phrase, and text. I duly did and then returned to get the cards printed.

It was a hot, lazy, June evening and as Shannon manipulated templates and printed out a sample we got talking.

She liked my design. She thought the pile of books looked classy; they showed my name but placed they way they were, they didn’t shout out the information. I began to feel better.

Then the conversation turned to books. Shannon is an avid reader. She loves books, the feel, the smell, the texture of them. Once she’s into an author she reads everything they’ve written. She loves series, she loves YA books. She fancied giving “Clear Gold” a go.

I began to feel much, much better.

By the time I’d left the store with my box of cards, my belief in myself was well on its way to being restored.

What it took was a conversation with a reader. Because readers are what writing is all about and we forget it at our peril.

Thank you Shannon.



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