Mess and the Creative Process

Messy room 2

Time to face the mess in my office, I began. There was too much to take everything down and start from scratch. If I did, books, papers  and ornaments threatened to migrate to the hall, the bedrooms and possibly even down the stairs, so the process started  with one shelf at a time.

Now this is where things become very strange. However much you throw away, when you begin to put things back there is less room than before. Where once everything had its place, now nothing seems to fit. What has happened to the space you had before? Where has it gone? Maybe one day someone will find the answers to this question.

Of course one solution to the problem is throw everything out and work in a minimalist space. There are times when this appeals, or rather there are seconds in my life where this idea has some minimal appeal, because basically I like/need my things around me.

Every object has a story. Every book, photo, piece of paper is important. Some bring back memories, others spark ideas, nothing is here without purpose, everything has been chosen.

Very much like writing. Out of the mess of images, ideas and inspirations; the notes jotted down, the story lines explored comes the first draft of the book, story or play.

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