The Best Present To Give Your Writer Friend.


Dear friends, it’s almost Christmas a time of giving and great cheer. Most of us are embroiled in the whole choosing, buying, wrapping and sending of presents. We’ve been to the shops, we’ve scoured the wish lists, or maybe we’re still racing around promising ourselves that we will, we honestly will start now, or tomorrow, or next week…

Getting and giving is good. It makes us feel happy, but if you have a friend who is an author there are some presents you can give at any time of the year which will earn you their undying gratitude.

Number one: Next time you go to a bookshop, or a library ask if their book is in store, or on the shelves. If it isn’t ask why and say that you can recommend it.

Number two: Tell other people you know, or an in contact with about what a good read you have found.

Number three: If you belong to any organisation that might be interested in your friend as a speaker, suggest them.

Number four: Review their book on line.

Number five: Use social media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks to share a link to the purchase page.

Number six: If you have a blog and their book is a good fit then offer to host a guest blog.

So many books have reached a wide readership because of word of mouth. We writers try our best, but what more could we achieve with “a little help from our friends”.

As they say in a certain supermarket ad. “Every Little Helps.”


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