Hiatus and Thoughts about Wom

A Life On Shuffle

I hoped to be able to keep up to date with my blog as I did before moving to Italy, however my (early) retirement has seen me consumed with more work than you can shake a grissini (breadstick) at.

I’m not complaining, I’ve been busy and met some lovely people through my work, but maybe I need to post some regular posts to tell you all what’s going on in Abruzzo, and share gossip about how life here is.

Hopefully in the New Year, I can get a balance between work and non-work-messing-on-the-PC time sorted to write snippets.

Even a few year’s on, it’s strange settling into living in another country and it’s hard to define that moment when holiday mode shuts down, I’m most definitely not in holiday mode as being in employment and commuting: albeit behind a farmer with tractors laden with harvested olives this month, I face each…

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