Winter Nights

It’s dark and cold outside. The rain is lashing the window and I’m sitting at my desk working. Or rather I am trying to work. I’m in the middle of editing another draft of the final book of the “Clear Gold” trilogy and this afternoon I am running out of steam. Is it me? Or is it the time of year? The weather? The fact that all I really want to do it curl up by the fire with a book, that someone else has written?

Winter makes me want to shut the doors, light the candles and retreat from all that is out there. It could be a primeval instinct, a way of protecting yourself from the elements and any starving animals that might be lurking at the mouth  of the cave. Or it could be  that with the lack of sunlight, the body slows down to conserve energy.

I don’t hate the winter. I like the cosiness of being indoors and the long dark evenings, maybe the answer is to give in and leave the editing ’til tomorrow.



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