Butterfly Mind.

I’m not much good at concentrating on a given task. When I was a kid at home revising for my exams my Mum used to check on me to make sure I was actually studying rather than looking out of the window, reading a book, doing my nails, etc. etc.

My lack of concentration didn’t seem to do me any harm. I passed enough exams to get to University and to get a degree. Later, when I was teaching, I found that I either planned my lessons very fast, or I lost interest.

Whatever I was doing, I have to break off from time to time.  In fact I constantly flit from task to task.

I used to think that this was a great character flaw, until I read that it is in fact the sign of a truly creative person.

Enough blogging. Time to go back to the final, final edit of “Slipping Through the Net.”

And then I might…



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