The Stroppy Writer’s Rulebook by Bea Davenport

Some of my favourite hates in here. Thank you Bea.


This post is all about my pet writing hates. So I should probably start with a disclaimer. If you as a writer find something in here that you do, or I have criticised a word/phrase you love to use – these are just my opinions. Although I should add that most of them are backed up with good writing sense and in some cases, the opinions of other, far more knowledgeable and experienced writers.

I tutor for a number of organisations and so I see a lot of new writing. All of these are words/phrases/habits I encounter in many, many pieces of work, so that may be one reason why I feel the need to get this off my teacher-ly chest. They’re in no particular order of hatred.

1. Aroma. Agh! The word ‘aroma’ makes me want to pull my own eyes out. I don’t care if it’s the aroma…

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