Nil Desperandum!

Musings from a lady I greatly admire.

Jan Edwards

I went to a party on Sunday and had a great time. Having ME and Fibromyalgia does mean that such things always take their toll but I love going out to meet friends. Nothing like a party to feel alive!
This illness has been hanging around me like a spectre for the best part of ten years, and a few years ago it had got to a point where it was hard (if not impossible) to leave the house without the aid of sticks.

I had a long chat after the event on Sunday with an old friend who remembers me struggling all those years ago.  He asked how I had managed to bring about a cure, and the truth is I haven’t. I did have a long chat some time ago with another mutual friend –  someone else suffering similar problems – who made me see that nil desperandum is…

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