Should you write all day?

Jenny Éclair on the Today programme this morning suggested that all Apple Macs and to that I would add all computers, laptops, tablets and notebooks of any sort, should have an icon which you press at the end of the day to generate the praise function. A delight at the words you have written, the number, the quality, the wonderfulness of your prose, a fitting tribute to your genius. There should then be a few minutes of adoring applause.

As writers work alone and often despair this would cheer us up and give us the incentive to start again the next day.

I agree that since we work in isolation it is easy to fall prey to the feeling that what we do is not good enough and never will be. There are some days I’d do anything for even a few encouraging words. At those times the praise function would be a life saver.

Electronic encouragement, may or may not be the next big thing. What got me thinking was the idea of writing solidly for a whole day. I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly couldn’t do it.

Not only would my neck and back give in after hours of hunching over a computer. I know I should take care of my posture and get up and move around every twenty minutes, but I’m only human and I forget. But I would get stale, or careless, or just exhausted by the whole creative process.

So, I write maybe for an hour or two, sometimes less, sometimes more. Then I do other things, lead the rest of my life, which can and often does generate more ideas for more writing.

I do however feel guilty about not using all the time I have and would love to know how other writers cope with this.

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