The Awkwardness of Cats

Seren on bed2

Seren as the cat who owns our house, or so she likes to think, has a favourite spot on our bed. She has her own rug and she chooses to sleep there on the days when it’s not particularly warm, but the heating hasn’t been switched on.

If the sun is shining then she infinitely prefers her spot on the dining room window sill, or failing that on the mat beside the front door. Both toasty places for a cat who is getting on in years.

So, on Friday, when the sun shone in through the windows I thought it would be a good time to wash her rug. After all with the warmth of the sun and the bite of the wind it would soon be dry. The cat, therefore, was banned from the bedroom, which wouldn’t matter as she would prefer to sleep in one of her sunny downstairs spots.

What I didn’t reckon with was the Awkwardness of Cats.

On any other day she wouldn’t have bothered to set paw on the stairs. On Friday I couldn’t stop her sneaking in to lay claim to her place on the bed.

I could have chased her off. I could have shut the door, but as all cat owners know, once a cat has set her mind on something, there’s nothing we can do.

The sun shone, Seren slept on the bed and I changed our duvet cover when she finally deigned to come downstairs for her supper.


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