The Bendy Brain


On Friday I went to see Ruby Wax in her show “Sane New World,” with my friend Jo. We laughed and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but what made the evening truly memorable, for me, was what I learned.

First of all -neuroplasticity: the brain is bendy. Well not quite, it’s probably more like a circuit board, but it can change. It can be rewired. And if our thoughts and habits can change, so can we.

Those voices that keep telling you you’re no good, you’re bound to fail, there’s no point in even trying, they can be switched off!

And the worry bug can be eliminated, or at least de-fanged. That’s the creature I’m working on just now. It burrows into my life and can gnaw away at the happiest of moments, so from now on whenever I feel the first little nibble, I’m going to concentrate on the NOW …

This is the trick, the way to rewire those circuits. Concentrate on one of the five senses. Bring yourself back into the present. I favour biting the inside of my cheek. Painful but it works.

Do it often enough and the worries, fears etc., won’t go away completely, but will not longer have the same power over you.

That’s the theory . Watch this space.

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