The Psychology of ‘Coldhearted’

Elisia Green - Writer

My new novel Coldhearted is out on Kindle from May 9th priced £1.33 and will be available as a paperback from July 20th.

I love writing, it’s a passion and something I don’t think I could live without, so when I finish something I’m so proud of myself for doing so and incredibly happy that I’ve created something I hope others will enjoy reading.

Coldhearted is my second novel, the first being The Tapestry Queens which was published in 2005. This novel was an experiment in writing styles and even though I was happy to sell a few copies I actually managed to sell over 150 locally. It’s not much in the scheme of things but considering I hadn’t made a fuss about it I think I did quite well. It is still available on kindle and via the printing company lulu.

When I write I like to look at…

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