Do I need a Smartphone?

Smart phones. My mobile phone isn’t smart. It’s not even very intelligent. All my little Nokia can do, is text, phone and take pictures. At least that’s all I think it can do. There’s another one or two icons on it that perhaps I ought to explore, but I don’t and why not?

The answer to that is that I don’t need to.

When I want to e mail I do it from my PC. I’ve never felt to urge to send an e mail from the middle of Sainsbury’s. It’s true that e mailing from the train could be useful, on one of my usual trips to Bristol, but then it would take time from the writing I’m doing on my laptop, so where’s the gain in that?

I don’t want to watch movies, or TV. I don’t need to Google the answer to every question that pops into my head. I can wait until I have access to a computer, or even a book!

I can also talk to people, or better still listen to them while travelling on the bus or the train. And I can think. I can let my mind fly free, secure in the knowledge, that with my phone switched off, no one can get in touch and I can recharge my own batteries in my own space and time.


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