Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance.

DSC00524At our  meeting on Saturday in Newcastle library, Emma raised the question of what should be in a blog. The deluge of advice was overwhelming. Among the statements were the following:

Blogs should be short.
Blogs should be personal.
Blogs should be lighthearted.
Blogs must instantly catch the reader’s attention.

All these things have an element of truth in them. However, when I look at the blogs I read, I find that none of them fit all those criteria.

In fact what matters is the subject matter. A blog about the depredations of the family cat, aka The Exploits of Miss Dilly in Jan Edward’s blog will be light, and brief.
A blog on the art of writing on the other hand can be much longer and denser. It will most likely be broken up into fairly short sentences which ensures that the reader doesn’t lose interest, but the word count can be substantial and I will read through to the end.

Some blogs are highly emotional, or controversial, others informative, still others purely entertaining. What makes me read is the initial impact. What keeps me coming back is whether my interest has been sustained and most important of all,  regular posting.

Hence the art of blog maintenance. If you want to keep your readers and turn them into followers, then you have to blog regularly.

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