Good News

Leinster GardensCongratulations to Jan Edwards on the publication of Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties. A collection of truly chilling ghost stories one of which “Nanny Burrows” lingers long in the mind.

That’s one piece of good news from this writer. The other, even more recent announcement, is that her story has been accepted for the “Mammoth Book of Moriaty.”  Apologies if that isn’t quite the right title.

Now obviously Jan is more than pleased, but her good news made me reflect on how we writers deal with other people’s success. In a world where the rejection letter, or more commonly e mail is standard it would be natural to suffer a quick pang of envy when friends and fellow writers get a book or story accepted.

Natural but misguided. The fact that someone else is doing well does not preclude the same thing happening to you. In fact it gives hope that stories and books are being published, that you don’t have to be a J.K Rowling or John Grisham to see your work in print.

Other people’s success should give us all a boost and is to be celebrated.


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