What Creative Writing Courses Should Teach

Still thinking about whether writing can be taught, I found myself pondering about what I really need to learn about the whole business.

Grammar punctuation and structure was covered at school. I was lucky I went to an old fashioned girls’ grammar school and was taught by the inspirational Sister Mary Edward.

Creativity can be nourished, by day dreaming, reading, long walks and whatever else gets the alpha waves flowing.

The rest is hard grind. For me a daily word total and editing, re-editing and editing some more.

What I want and need to know is about the technology of writing in the 21st Century. I can use a PC; love using Face Book and am OK with Twitter, but I am totally useless when it comes to the visual side of things.

Presentation, formatting of manuscripts, Printerest, Instamgram, how to design the book covers I have in my head; how to make my blog exciting and different, that’s what I need to know. And I would suggest I’m not the only one.

So, are there any courses like that out there?

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