Crisis in the NHS: my personal experience

Queues in AE departments, impossibility of getting to see your GP, hospitals not meeting their targets, the news this winter has been dire.

My solution, go and see your dentist.

Now admittedly this might not work for a broken leg, but when a gland in my neck came up, and went down, and came up again I duly tried to make an appointment at my local surgery. Nothing doing for a fortnight, unless I was prepared to ring before 8am. Unfortunately I overslept and missed the deadline. Tried again, finally got through and was scheduled for an appointment in two weeks time.

The doctor was great. The treatment seemed to be working, then it wasn’t. My face ached, my jaw hurt and my gland was up again.

Thinking that this might be a tooth problem, I rang my NHS dentist. My appointment- the next day. I was examined, given an X-ray, a diagnosis and a referral to the hospital in case the problem didn’t go away.


Oh and the dentist’s surgery was busy.

And the reception staff were so welcoming and reassuring.

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