Advice to writers and being a book tart.

A piece of advice I was given a while ago proved its worth again today. Whether you’re traditionally published, Indie published or you did it yourself, always carry a copy or two of your book with you.

Why because when someone asks what you do, not only can you say that you’re a writer, scary though that is, but you can also show them your book. This not only proves that you’ve actually done it, but also gives them a chance to buy.

Sounds a pit pushy? It needn’t be. Keep it casual, always give the option not to buy, or to get it later. If they don’t want it, it’s no big deal, weep later in private, if they do they are getting a bargain, as you can sell at a discount. That way everyone is happy.

Today at the hairdressers the conversation turned to what we’d been doing. I had my copies of ‘House of Shadows’ with me and in my new role as book tart I showed them around. And Denise, thanks and I love you, bought a copy.

Talk then turned to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and how that book made it through word of mouth. Hopefully the same will happen with my new novel and now there are three more people in the world who know about it. HOS cropped A


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