Is there a gene?

OK. I admit that I am a technophobe. Give me a new piece of electronic equipment and my first instinct is to panic. I then take a deep breath and talk myself through the process, adding at appropriate moments that I am an intelligent woman and this is the 21st century and I will not be left in the Dark Ages.

There are times, however, when I really do have to ask for help. At which point I turn to a man that knows. And it invariably is a man.

Now I am a feminist. Have been since I discovered St. Germaine, Germaine Greer as she is known in our household. However, I am beginning to be convinced that there are men who simply understand these things better than women. I’m not saying they are ultimately better at them, I just think that there is something in the male makeup that makes it easier for them to deal with technology. Or is it just that they enjoy it more? Do  I as a woman simply want a tool that is simple and easy to use, while a man likes to explore the possibilities and so is prepared to put up with things when they don’t quite go to plan?


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